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You create the expense policy, our revolutionary automation does the heavy lifting.

Automatic Reporting

Receipts are automatically grouped into reports as you like — by trip, by company card statement period, by week, and more — without any employee training.

Automatic Report Submit

Receipts that are in-line with company policy are automatically submitted monthly, weekly, or even nightly. No more waiting for employees to submit their reports!

Automatic Approval

Compliance algorithms audit the report and highlight violations for your review, automatically approving the rest.

Automatic Reimbursement

Large reports are held for your manual reimbursement, while the rest are paid next day via Expensify Rapid Reimbursement.

For Employees

Employees get reimbursed with just one click

Here’s just how simple doing an “expense report” with Expensify is:


SmartScan the Receipt

We’ll automatically extract the merchant, date, and amount


Do nothing. Literally.

We'll automatically submit the expense and if it follows company policy, automatically reimburse them the next day

Expensify has the best mobile app out there, period. Implementing a system that removes data entry and paper saves [our clients] up to 50% of their time each month. Needless to say, our customers love it and so do we.

Blake Oliver

Director of Technology at HPC

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